On 30 June 2023, the PolyGraphs team hosted its second public engagement workshop at Northeastern University London, this one devoted to strategies that can be pursued by information consumers – for example, when confronted with misinformation. Participants from a range of sectors attended online and in person to hear our latest results, respond to our data animations, and to engage with our panellists:

  • Francesca Panetta, Director of UAL’s AKO Storytelling Institute
  • Kayleen Devlin, Senior Journalist at BBC Verify
  • Omri Preiss, MD of Alliance4Europe and founding board member of the DISARM Foundation

You can see some of the proceedings in the brief video clips below, or read our executive summary. And please feed back to us via the link below.


Here are some extracts from our presentations at the workshop – we hope you find them informative.

Brian on the Context

Brian on our Approach

Brian on Mis- and Dis-informants

Alexandros on our Model

Alexandros on our Computational Framework

Amil on Mis- and Dis-information

Amil on our Findings

Mike on our Confessionals Model

Mike on Future Directions