Published work

Planned Outputs

The team is currently working on a number of publications, as follows. We will update with developments as they arise.

PolyGraphs: an Overview

In preparation.

This paper will provide an overview of the project and its findings.

Github Repository

Our code is available here.


Computational Humanities: Reflections on the PolyGraphs Project

Published in the Nature journal, Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (2024). Available open access here. And see here for a talk on this topic.

This paper gives an introduction to the PolyGraphs project, including some initial findings, before situating the methodological approach relative to other work in the digital humanities and computational social sciences.

Ignorance in Social Networks: Discounting Delays and Shape Matters

Forthcoming. A preprint is available here.

This paper aims to show that, in addition to facts about the quantity of information available within a network of inquirers, the ‘shape’ of the network also matters to the levels of knowledge and ignorance present within it.

Group Attitudes

Group Attitudes

In preparation.

This paper discusses our findings in relation to the attitudes, not of individual agents, but of groups of agents as a whole.

Higher-Order Evidence

Testimonials: Coping Strategies for Higher-Order Evidence

In preparation.

This paper explores the effects of implementing various strategies for coping with evidence about the reliability of testifiers in one’s network.

Simulating Epistemic Injustice

In preparation.

This paper reports our findings in relation to what Fricker has called ‘testimonial injustice’.

Confessionals: Trusting Oneself Versus Others

In preparation.

This paper aims to shed light on discussions of peer disagreement in the social epistemology literature.